Windsor Inn History

The Windsor Inn looks back on a long tradition in the village of Windsor NY.
Also called the National Hotel, Upper Hotel (with Turner's being the lower hotel) and Hotel Windsor for a time, the handsome brick building has been a Main St. anchor since 1853.
Windsor native, Joe Urda, describes it best in his contribution to the Village of Windsor Centennial Days* book:
"The Inn was a grand building (in those days).  It held one of the finest dining rooms in the area. the dining room was a special room, the likes of which I have never seen again. On the walls were huge displays of taxidermy.  They looked like paintings but were three dimensional with all sorts of ducks, birds and animals in them.  I often wonder what museum now houses the taxonomical murals."


*Village of Windsor Centennial Days as reprinted from Windsor Standard Jan. to Sept. 1997.  Printed as a supplement to Historical Essays of Windsor, published by the Town and Village of Windsor NY in 1976.